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How to Print then Cut Stickers using Cricut Design Space.

I’m excited to show you How We Make Stickers using our Cricut Explore Air 2 Cutting Machine and Cricut Design Space.

This post will be updated with a YouTube Video tutorial very soon!  For now, I am sharing the written tutorial.

  • First, Download a PNG or SVG file of your choice

(be mindful of licensing restrictions, you want to be sure to use ‘royalty free’ or ‘free for personal use’ images.  If you plan to sell these stickers or anything with the design, you wan to be sure to purchase a commercial license, if required.)

  • Upload file to Cricut Design Space. (, upload button is in the lower left corner.)

  • Select Image and click Insert. (lower right corner). Insert multiple images if you’d like, keeping in mind the size of the paper you will be using.

PLEASE NOTE: Each sticker layer should have the “print” option selected, as in Figure 1 below.

A black rectangle border will be added around the images. This will allow the Cricut cutting machine to accurately measure and cut/score the stickers. Cricut will limit the size of your overall print area to allow room for the black border. 

how to make sticker with cricut print and cut feature, print and cut stickers, how to make stickers, make stickers with cricut Figure 1

  • Once you’ve printed the stickers on sticker paper,  Place it on the sticky mat and insert into the Cricut machine.

I set my cut setting on the Cricut Explore Air 2 to “paper”.  By setting my machine to paper, it depth of the cut is just enough to cut the first layer of sticker paper creating a KISS cut sticker.

  • The Cricut cut button on your machine should be flashing, press this button on the machine. (If the button isn’t flashing, double check your computer screen or app to make sure there aren’t any error messages.)

PLEASE NOTE: Once you push this button the Cricut machine will bring the mat ALL THE WAY through the machine and then back out again. The first time I did this, my machine was set up against the wall. I jumped out of my skin when the mat slammed up against the wall as it made its first pass through. 

The time it will take your Cricut machine to complete the kiss cut sticker sheet will depend on how many cuts you have.  Once the cuts are completed the machine will stop and the unload arrows will flash.

  • Unload your sticky mat and peel to test your stickers.

    Use these stickers in your paper planners, notebooks, computer, on your calendar, on gift cards, letters, chore charts and much more.

We hope they come out great!

We would love to see the things you make with our graphics!  Kindly tag us on social media.

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Thank you!