Lightroom Mobile Preset – Vintage Love


Add a warm vintage look to your outdoor and indoor images. Giving your photos a bright and trendy nude look. This preset was made to be used on indoor/outdoor portraits, wedding photos, family photos, photos of children and product images however are versatile and can be used on a wide range of images, the gentle pink and orange hues will make dark and cool photos shine!

You don’t need to be a photographer to use this Lightroom preset. This preset is fully adjustable and customizable to fit your style and lighting conditions.

Lightroom presets are now available for Lightroom CC Mobile. You don’t need a paid Adobe Subscription. The only thing you need is a FREE Lightroom CC Mobile Application, which is available for ios and Android devices.

Access, edit, organize, and share photos on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device and edit your photos using our mobile presets from your devices on the go.

You will be able to create a style and cohesive look to all your images, perfect for a professional looking Instagram Feed.

Once payment is made, the Lightroom preset download will be available instantly. You will also receive an email with the download link.

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  • Installation Instructions
  • Lightroom Preset – Vintage Love
  • Fully Compatible with Lightroom Mobile CC (free version)
  • Fully Compatible with Lightroom 4 – 7 & Both CC Versions
  • Compatible with JPG & Raw Images

We are happy to help, If you need assistance.  Kindly email with any questions.

Quick notes:

  • Our presets have been tested on a variety of images and have proven to be versatile. As a graphic designer and photographer myself, I use these tools to speed up my workflow while giving my images the extra something it needs while creating a cohesive look and feel.
  • In most cases the presets are one-click wonder but please keep in mind that presets work differently on each image and because every image is different (shot in different light and with different backgrounds, etc.) you will likely need to tweak the edit after the preset is applied.
  • Presets are meant to be a starting point to work from, it is common to make adjustments after applying a preset.

TERM OF USE: You may use our presets on photos you sell or use for commercial purposes, however, you are not allowed to alter, modify or sell our presets ‘as is’ or with adjustments.